Powerline Vertical Knee Raise Chin Dip PVKC83X


The freestanding Vertical Knee Raise Chin Dip Machine from Powerline develops and tones your arms, shoulders, back, and core strength using gravity and your own body weight instead of complicated and cumbersome weights. Offering great versatility in a relatively small package, the machine is equipped with a lat pull-up/chin-up station, a dip station, and a push-up station. The machine allows you to perform knee raises, leg raises, and oblique bends as well as pull-ups and push-ups for total body strengthening and muscle building. Built for comfort and support, the machine has thick DuraFirm&trade, back and arm pads as well as oversized hand grips. The Lat pull-up/chin up station is easy to use with a no-slip entry and the push-up station is mounted 30cm of the floor so that you can isolate your muscle groups effectively.

  • Easy and safe acces
  • Firm and stable frame
  • Thick DuraFirm&trade, back and arm pads
  • Oversized hand grips
  • Lat pull-up/ chin-up station with step-up entry
  • Cushioned push-up station mounted 30 cm off floor
  • 107 cm lat chin bar
  • Distance between dip handles: 52.5 cm (inside to inside)
  • Distance between arm pads: 45 cm
  • Ideal for private use
  • Dimensions: L 94 cm x W 66 cm x H 211 cm
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • Color: grey, black lining
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